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Chatbot-bot technology

Company Profile and FAQ Chatbot: User can explore company profile details and can also ask any questions regarding company background, services or any FAQ kind of questions.

Weather Chatbot: User can ask weather for any City and it provides the weather details using Open Weather MAP APIs but can be integrated with any Third Party APIs. Facebook Messenger, IBM Watson, Node.js, IBM Bluemix.

Pizza Ordering Chatbot: User can order a Pizza with size, crust and topping options.

Company Profile Chatbot: User can explore company profile details eg. About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us etc. through Rich Card interface. Google and Facebook Messenger, Node.js.

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We can build custom chatbots as per your requirements. Are you looking to build a BOT for your business or want to build a prototype to explore further, Contact Us and we can do it in the right manner.